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Lianyungang Development Zone seeks to have a say in the high-performance fiber and composite industry recently, a message came from Lianyungang Development Zone that the zone has comprehensively launched the action of creating a provincial high-quality product production demonstration zone for the high-performance fiber and composite industry, so as to achieve its goal of building an advanced high-performance fiber and composite industry cluster with regional influence and mastering Bayer Material Technology: an industry voice

it is understood that in recent years, relying on the new material industry, the national high-tech industrial base, the national high-performance fiber and composite high-tech industrialization base and other carriers, the Municipal Development Zone has accelerated the construction of the new material industrial park and the high-performance fiber inspection center. The only provincial high-performance fiber inspection center in China has been set up and operated, which is mainly engaged in carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, polyimide fiber The R & D and production technology level in the fields of differentiated spandex fiber is leading in China. The core enterprise Zhongfu Shenying has become the largest carbon fiber manufacturer in China, and its annual output of carbon fiber has accounted for 2/3 of the country. At present, the company is accelerating the industrialization of T700, T800 and other high-quality carbon fibers. At the same time, the park accelerates the development of carbon fiber and its composite products such as carbon fiber bicycle parts, carbon fiber fan blades, carbon fiber cable cores, etc., and speeds up the construction of the national 10000 ton carbon fiber production base in accordance with the layout of the development plan of Jiangsu coastal areas

the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone will be the first professional high-performance fiber product testing institution in China - Jiangsu high "In order to realize the continuous development and progress of the company, the technical service platform of the quality supervision and Inspection Center for fiber products as the core, the backbone enterprises as the main body, through the preferential policies on project approval, land use, technological transformation, energy supply, etc., fully support the establishment of key enterprises in the demonstration area. The photoelectric encoder in the area will have pulse signal output development, so as to ensure the smooth passing of the provincial assessment and acceptance at the end of this year.

in the process of development, the city will develop The zone will strictly require high-performance fiber and composite product manufacturers to organize production according to standards, actively study foreign advanced standards, and greatly improve the technical standard level and product market competitiveness of the high-performance fiber and composite industry in the zone. Introduce incentive policies and measures, give full play to the leading, radiating and driving role of famous brand enterprises, and promote the formation of zone 5, plastic tensile testing machine space inspection brand of high-performance fiber and composite product enterprises

with the in-depth development of the activity of Creating Provincial high-quality product production demonstration zone for high-performance fiber and composite industry, the high-performance fiber and composite industry in the development zone is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 20% this year. By 2015, the output value is expected to exceed 50billion yuan, and the product types will reach 150

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