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Li Yue: at the annual general meeting of shareholders held by China Mobile this year, CEO Li Yue said that 5g technology will be tested within this year. In 2017, external testing is usually conducted, and it is expected that it can be used commercially in 2020. In 2015, China Mobile benefited from the capitalization of the tower company, which brought more than 10 billion yuan of profits to China Mobile, some of which were also used as dividends. Li Yue also said that he expected the tower company to be listed in 2017 as planned, giving back profits to shareholders, and the listing place was still in the form of ah

when asked about the relationship with regulators, Li Yue said that former chairman xiguohua and current Chairman Shang Bing are both vice ministers of the Ministry of industry and information technology, so the communication channels between the group and regulators are healthy and effective. Among the three telecom companies in the mainland, China Mobile accounts for 52% of the market share. Globally, there is no second company with such a monopoly position, so there is pressure to be restricted by regulators. It is undeniable that it will have an impact on business development. However, he believes that the regulators are mainly coordinating the business development of the three companies and implementing policies in the legal framework to safeguard the interests of shareholders and customers

as for the 5g technology that has attracted much attention, Li Yue said that due to the impact of Jinan Shijin's current model explanation scheme and Ott business, the consumption of traditional SMS business has dropped sharply. Once 5g technology is introduced, SMS service will be eliminated. Therefore, the group will combine SMS service and integrated communication service (RCS) to form the future Internet message communication service. According to Zhitong finance and economics, the use of SMS has dropped by 20.25% every year

Zhitong finance and economics learned that the research and development partner of China Mobile's 5g technology is Germany technology, a US listed company. The two sides mainly cooperated with Adidas to send environmental protection elements for this widely expected running shoe, including channel measurement and modeling, and large-scale MIMO OTA testing. Germany technology will continue and strengthen the 5g technology cooperation relationship with China Mobile Communication Research Institute since 2014

Zhitong finance further realized that this series of products are easy to use. Channel measurement and modeling are the key elements to realize 5g technology R & D and standardization. It is the industry-leading 5g MIMO channel detection reference solution of German technology, which can help engineers cope with the broadband coverage required for 5g channel measurement and modeling research, and overcome various broadband and multi-channel challenges. Shide science and technology laboratory successfully established a 5g channel measurement and modeling partnership with CMRI. Through this cooperation, CMRI was able to establish a 5g channel model supporting the frequency range of 6GHz to 100GHz

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