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The "t+3 rapid customization mode" pioneered by novier's wardrobe industry, with the fastest delivery time of 3 days, has brought unprecedented benefits to manufacturers and consumers, and the ultimate biggest beneficiary is terminal dealers

Haidilao is a hotpot chain store that has risen rapidly in recent years. The highest daily turnover is as high as 7 times, creating the fastest and highest turnover rate in the industry. Under this condition, the staff work efficiency is high, and the enterprise cost is naturally reduced, which has become one of the secrets of the brand's success in earning 290million yuan a year. Its ultra-high turnover rate is similar to the "t+3 rapid customization mode" initiated by novier's wardrobe industry. The fastest delivery time of 3 days brings unprecedented benefits to manufacturers and consumers, but people often ignore this mode. In fact, the ultimate biggest beneficiary is terminal dealers

novier's wardrobe achieves a three-day delivery period, which brings rapid capital turnover to terminal stores

the pain of the long delivery period of traditional customized wardrobe

as a necessity of life, customized wardrobe has a fatal appeal to many investors, not only because China's home market is very large (the annual consumption is as high as about 600billion yuan), but also because of its low entry threshold, it only needs factory buildings and storefronts, There is little need for design (imitation is rampant)

after 30 years of development, the industry competition has been very fierce - many wardrobe enterprises take mass production scale as their ultimate pursuit. However, the slow capital turnover, rising raw material prices and lower and lower added value have made wardrobe manufacturers suffer a lot

the traditional customized wardrobe industry has encountered many troubles in its development. Long delivery time, high error rate, high cost, low product processing quality, low customer satisfaction... All these restrict the further development of customized home furnishing industry. What kind of model conforms to market development? What kind of enterprises can stand out

from software development to hardware configuration, home industry 4.0, which was initiated by noviger, basically keeps pace with the development of international industry 4.0, and is ahead of similar customized home enterprises in China. Although novitia has paid a long time cost and human and financial resources to implement the industrial 4.0 system, in the long run, this is a flexible road that enterprises must take

novier home industry 4.0 and t+3 rapid customization mode

novier home completed the transformation of industry 4.0 in the first half of 2015, directly promoting China's customized home into the era of industry 4.0. With the help of information technology, the "t+3 rapid customization mode" initiated by noviger factory can realize the intellectualization of the whole process from front-end order to production, and then to logistics and installation. Noviger brings consumers faster delivery time, better product processing quality, and more cost-effective customized home

"t+3 rapid customization mode". For terminal dealers, the store can provide faster customized design services, faster quotations, faster orders and bills, faster delivery time, better product quality assurance, higher success rate of initial installation, easier business and higher return on investment, all of which increase the confidence of investors

t+3 the pain point is the store's fast capital turnover and strong order receiving ability

a terminal store, if the delivery period is as high as 25-30 days, it will take a long time every month, resulting in the slow change of capital week, and the corresponding number of orders will be reduced. The three-day delivery period of Novi family enables the rapid circulation of capital turnover, and the time to receive orders is also 8-10 times longer, so the order volume will naturally flow in

next, we will make an objective data analysis of the operation efficiency of the store, so as to prove that the "t+3 rapid customization mode" of novier home has brought earth shaking changes to the terminal profit mode

take a flagship store of 200 square meters as an example. The monthly rent is 20000 yuan, and the store needs to be staffed with at least 6 people. The per capita salary is 3000 yuan/month, and other expenses are 2000 yuan/month. If it is an ordinary delivery period, the capital turnover is slow. Generally, the store can process up to 30 orders per month, but according to the three-day delivery period of Novi family, the capital turnover is significantly accelerated, and it can process at least 100 orders per month. If it is calculated by 100 orders, how much is the cost of each order

franchised stores with long delivery time:

total cost: 20000 yuan/month + (3000 yuan/month ・ person × 6 people) + 2000 yuan/month =40000 yuan/month

consumption cost: 40000 yuan/month ÷ 30 orders/month ≈ 1333 yuan/order

3-day delivery period of noviger stores:

total cost: 20000 yuan/month + (3000 yuan/month ・ people × 6 people) + 2000 yuan/month =40000 yuan/month

consumption cost: 40000 yuan/month ÷ 100 orders/month = 400 yuan/order

don't know, don't know, it's a surprise, the same store, due to the fast and slow delivery time, the ability to receive orders is strong or weak, which eventually leads to the cost difference of each order

from July 8 to 11, 2015, booth 10.2-10 of Novi's wardrobe in Pazhou Pavilion of Guangzhou Construction Expo, looking forward to your arrival and experiencing the revolutionary profit model storm brought by Novi's t+3





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