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At present, there are many kinds of water treatment equipment on the market, including small-scale water purification equipment for drinking water purification

at present, there are many kinds of water treatment equipment on the market, including small water purifiers that purify drinking water, large water purifiers that purify all household drinking water and water, and water softeners that specially soften washing water. All kinds of water processors focus on solving different problems in water, so they also have different functions

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I. water purifier:

water purifier varies greatly according to the different filter materials and purification effects

1. Ultrafiltration membrane water purifier: mechanical filtration is used to purify water quality, mainly to remove particle impurities in water, which can make turbid water very clear. Suitable for water quality: it is especially suitable for dealing with unpolluted groundwater, or specially solving the problem of water turbidity

2. Activated carbon based water purifier: physical adsorption is used to purify water quality, mainly to remove organic substances in water, including pesticide residues, chemical fertilizers, some macromolecular natural organic substances produced by animal and plant corruption, petroleum substances, and disinfection by-products of cancer treatment in water, which can improve taste while purifying. Suitable for water quality: especially suitable for the deep purification of tap water with surface water as its source

editor's note:

to solve different water quality problems, we need to choose different types of water purifiers, but it is best to choose water purifiers with self purification function &mdash& mdash; For example, backwashing or positive flushing function, otherwise the pollutants trapped in the water purifier will cause secondary pollution of water quality. The production and use of water is also very important. Water stored in machines for a long time will breed microorganisms and even produce other harmful substances

II. Water softener:

water softener is a kind of water processor that uses cation exchange resin to remove the hardness in water

function of water softener:

the water treated by the water softener will not scale when heated, which is conducive to the safe and effective use of the heater; The washed clothes and towels are bright and soft; After bathing, the skin is smooth and moist. Therefore, water softener is a necessary choice for high-quality life

editor's note:

due to the removal of calcium, magnesium ions and other minerals necessary for human body, and the equal increase of sodium ions, softened water should not be used as drinking water

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