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We all know wechat, Weibo, and wechat movies, but many people don't know what wechat marketing is. In fact, micro marketing is equivalent to a mobile network system, which spreads, promotes and sells through platforms or tools such as Weibo, wechat movie, personal wechat, QR code, wechat public platform, wechat store and wechat mall. It has the advantages of low cost and fast propagation speed. Wardrobe enterprises should make good use of micro marketing to avoid going vulgar. If you blindly use vulgar marketing in your circle of friends, you will be abandoned by your friends. Wardrobe micro marketing should avoid low vulgarization! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

micro marketing relies on the circle of friends

in addition to the advantages of low cost and high cost performance, micro marketing also has the advantages of high frequency of use, fast flow of information, convenient use and so on. For example, Recently, a policeman "posted photos" on wechat group ", the man who stole money was successfully arrested within two hours, and the official Weibo of the police's unit helped netizens solve more than 10 practical difficulties by means of Weibo reporting, finding things, finding people, etc. Although the above examples have nothing to do with product sales and promotion, they also fully illustrate the speed and accuracy of the micro era.

for wardrobe enterprises, their friends in wechat or Weibo are people in the circle, and the user quality is high It is much better than traditional channels, and the time to reach users is twoorthree minutes. And, Before going to bed, "brush" Weibo and wechat "bow heads" are now popular, and reporters themselves are also a member of "bow heads". Whenever they participate in industry activities, they also need to take photos to upload their circle of friends or bow their heads to "brush". Then many people in the wardrobe industry will give reporters "likes" "Or comment.

it can be seen that with the advent of the mobile Internet era, marketing communication has begun to move towards a new version 3.0. In the face of the new media era, all walks of life are also engaged in micro marketing.

micro marketing avoids low vulgarization.

enterprises cannot market for marketing, and simple enterprise message push cannot meet the needs of users. At present, the overall number of official account is more than 3million, and wechat users have begun to pay attention to it There are a large number of wechat official account, but the information homogeneity of wechat official account is serious (especially information), and users will lose interest in paying attention if they can't see the creativity

planning lottery and preferential activities are the key directions of wardrobe enterprises in the initial stage of micro marketing, especially those focusing on B2B and B2C modes. It can be seen that micro marketing does have its value, just like the e-commerce of that year, but its value requires the accumulation of time, creativity and activities

if a wardrobe enterprise blindly adopts vulgar marketing, it will be driven out of the circle by friends

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