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The all-round development of the Internet has also promoted the development of microblogging, wechat and other new media. With the rise of wechat new media, marketing has become more fragmented, and the amount of information has become easier to obtain. Then, for the wardrobe industry, what will the rise of wechat and other new media bring to the industry? How can wardrobe enterprises play with wechat marketing? The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

cultivate the wardrobe brand communication ability of target customers more widely.

the rise of wechat is both a new form of media expression and a richer way for people to socialize. Wardrobe enterprises should keep up with this trend and do a good job in effective wechat marketing. Wechat marketing cannot rely on one trick, but on the investment and execution of enterprises. Wardrobe enterprises should adhere to it for a long time, constantly accumulate experience in practice and cultivate feelings with users, so that the goal can be achieved, and there will be a broader communication platform for brand and word-of-mouth

strong relationship, strong arrival and strong interaction are the origin of social networks, which will effectively create five growth points under wechat, such as voice, circle of friends, people nearby, wechat payment and shaking. In this process, giving full play to the i/o nature of wechat, designing service tools instead of marketing tools is the system platform on which wechat marketing three board axe relies

wechat is everywhere. Wardrobe enterprises should build their own social system

wechat has become the most popular social interactive chat tool at present. Wechat users are everywhere. It is inevitable to use wechat marketing to realize the wardrobe industry. Only by constantly accepting new things can the wardrobe industry ensure that it will not be eliminated by the industry. Wechat will become another bloody battlefield for wardrobe enterprises in the future

the information revolution is "taking information as the core node to generate infinite word connections, that is, the human body itself is also generating data". For example, the healthy physiological data of smart bracelets are expressed as direct connections. Marketing is nothing but content and channels. The content is across the entire platform, but also across the division of labor on all chains. The reason why we say this is that any website content is the core of its platform. Through direct communication with consumers through content, we can establish our own "social groups" and strengthen the interaction and communication between each other, so as to form long-term effective cooperation

wardrobe enterprises should make good use of wechat marketing

in fact, compared with physical stores, this kind of communication and activity form of wechat is more diverse and novel, making buyers feel that it is no longer a simple purchase, but integrated into social networking, and even sharing their feelings about life. However, at present, wechat payment is a new trend for wardrobe enterprises. At this stage, few enterprises really use wechat for payment transactions, and more enterprises only use wechat as a platform for brand promotion and user absorption

it can be seen from the above that although wechat is small, it is not weak. For wardrobe enterprises, making good use of wechat will lay a solid foundation for seizing the market in the future. Insiders said that when using public wechat customized services, wardrobe enterprises should not only retain the basic functions of the original wechat, but also expand more personalized marketing functions through the wechat API interface to make wechat marketing more diversified. Wardrobe enterprises should grasp the key points of wechat and plan attractive marketing activities so that users who pay attention to wardrobe brands can enjoy unique discounts

in addition, wechat marketing of wardrobe enterprises also needs to actively enhance user stickiness and create loyal fans of enterprises. A good sense of experience and interactivity are the basic elements of public wechat interaction in wardrobe enterprises, so that customers can participate in the marketing activities of the enterprise, rather than simply scanning the QR code to obtain the information pushed by the enterprise

in a word, the strength of wechat marketing can no longer be underestimated. Wardrobe enterprises should seize the market trend and actively make good use of this marketing software to broaden the marketing path of wardrobe enterprises, which is conducive to the future development of enterprises

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