Who will the biggest fat meat in wallpaper industr

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In recent years, the wallpaper industry has developed rapidly due to its low threshold and large profit margin. At present, although there are few wallpaper manufacturers, the number of dealers is positive and objective

it is reported that the competition in the whole wallpaper industry is becoming increasingly fierce. When everyone wants to share this "fat meat", what skills should wallpaper agents use to obtain the largest "fat meat"

brand related reaction

nowadays, consumers pay more and more attention to brands, and some wallpaper agents prefer to spend more money to represent well-known brands rather than invest in domestic small brands

due to the fierce competition in the wallpaper market, businesses gradually realize that in order to maintain competitiveness, they must build brands and attach importance to services. Generally, wallpaper agents will invest more money in the initial stage of acting for major brands, but they will obviously feel that this investment is worth it in the subsequent sales process. Service is also a problem that consumers will not easily ignore when purchasing wallpaper, which mainly includes the distribution, return and replacement, construction, regular inspection, maintenance and repair of wallpaper, as well as the improvement made by merchants according to customers' feedback, which will affect customers' attitude towards the brand

what is the ability of imported wallpaper

as we all know, imported wallpapers in the market have occupied most of the market, mainly medium and high-end products; The domestic brand wallpaper is not only low in price, but also narrow in market. In order to meet the fierce market competition, wallpaper agents mostly operate multiple brands at the same time, trying to cover all grades of wallpaper products

with the increase of the state's regulation and control of real estate, the real estate transaction volume has declined significantly, which has a huge impact on the pan household industry in the downstream of the real estate industry, and the whole pan household industry has entered a downturn. In order to cope with the fierce market competition, wallpaper agents mostly operate multiple brands at the same time, covering all grades of wallpaper products. Imported Wallpapers account for a large proportion in the market, and are mainly medium and high-end products; The price of domestic brand wallpaper is relatively low, mainly occupying the middle and low-end market





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