Six decoration mentality will lead to being cheate

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Question 1 superstitious acquaintances introduced that many consumers often trust their friends in home decoration, but they didn't expect to encounter situations such as high prices, poor quality, delayed construction period, and increasing investment. Consumers have nothing to say. After disputes, friends don't care. There is no contract, no budget, and they are often passive. Problem 2 superstitious large companies and large companies complain more because they receive more customers. This is a normal phenomenon. In particular, designers, construction managers and construction teams are not necessarily all

question 1 superstitious acquaintance introduction

many consumers often trust their friends in home decoration, but they didn't expect to encounter high prices, poor quality, delayed construction period, increasing investment and other situations. It's hard for consumers to say anything. After a dispute, their friends don't care. They have no contract, no budget, and are very passive

problem 2 superstitious big companies

it is normal for larger companies to complain because they receive more customers. In particular, designers, construction managers and construction teams may not be all competent, which is difficult for large-scale companies to control in the rapid development. Although these companies have good ideas, if 1% is not done well, it will also hurt you. A company with a very small scale cannot guarantee the continuity of the living source. If there is a job, it will find a construction team now, and if there is no job, it will break up, so the quality and design can not be guaranteed

question 3 copy of credulity certificate

home decoration consumers should investigate and verify the company's situation from the following aspects, check the business license and qualification certificate in person, be sure to look at it, and look at the original; If you are a department subordinate to a large company, you must look at the original power of attorney of the legal person; Don't believe the copies, because a considerable part of the complaints are fraudulent or fake business licenses and qualification certificates of others or the use of privately engraved official seals; Also check the size of the business premises. Generally, as long as we pay attention to the above points, fake and self styled large companies will show their feet

question 4 credulous advertising

any company or product that advertises should invite a professional planning company to plan and package. If the advertisement is not good-looking, it will lose its significance

advertisements only provide you with convenience. Don't be credulous. Check the authenticity of the advertising content. If it conforms to the actual situation, you can believe it. If it is not true, don't believe it

question 5 credulous model room

model rooms need to be seen, but we need to look down to the construction site. Model rooms are often made by the best workers and materials selected by the decoration company. It can be said that the model room of a decoration company reflects the highest design level and process level of the decoration company. If you don't even look down on the model room, you can't find this company. After seeing the model room, there are two more things to see. One is the construction site, where you can have a glance at the materials, semi-finished products, the management of the company and the quality of workers, which can increase your further understanding of the company; The second is the construction site about to be handed over. The construction site can reflect the ordinary level of the decoration company, and can also see the gap between the general construction site and the model, which is very helpful for you to choose a company

question 6 credulous discount

generally good decoration companies clearly mark the price, and will never easily adjust or sharply reduce the price. If the decoration company reduces the price of individual decoration customers by more than 5% on the basis of quotation, then the decoration company will find a way in terms of materials and technology. On the surface, the "saved" silver is likely to reduce the quality. The normal preferential rate of the decoration company should be between 3% and 5%. In addition, our home decoration consumers should be careful when bargaining. The cheaper the price is, the better, and the price is reasonable. Another is that a consumer gets quotations from several companies at the same time, and finally chooses the cheapest quotation. At that time, he thought he had taken "advantage", but finally found that there are still great differences between companies: management, materials, processes, etc. will affect prices





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