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When Huizhou is lit up, avedia's on-board led streaming media helps the Guangdong Provincial Games. On August 8, 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games, a 3000 square meter painting axis danced at the Olympic Games, shaking the world. This picture axis, which is spliced by LED technology, not only shines brightly for the high-tech Olympics, but also opens a new chapter in the application of LED industry

On July 3, 2010, the 13th Guangdong Provincial Games will be held in Huizhou. This is not only a sports event for the people of Guangdong Province, but also a carnival for Huizhou people! Huizhou City has set the success of the Provincial Games as one of the three major events of the current Party committee and government. The Provincial Games provided Huizhou with a stage to show its fruitful social and economic development achievements in front of the world. Huizhou, which has entered the golden period of development, will carry forward the faster, higher and stronger Olympic spirit and build a scientifically developed state benefiting the people at a higher standard! Gather the wisdom of the whole people and use the strength of the whole city to turn the provincial transportation run by the government into the provincial transportation run by the whole people

on March 25, 2010, the on-board led mobile media created by avedia for Huizhou public transport system officially appeared on Huinan bus line K1, which will provide a transparent information platform and traffic guidance for the provincial transportation. Avedia will also install on-board led mobile media on other lines and taxis in Huizhou, so as to bring glory to the provincial transportation

the on-board led mobile media currently used in Huizhou is a cutting-edge media, which has the characteristics of high mobility, high coverage, high arrival rate, high efficiency and low cost, and has outstanding development advantages. Previously, all 971 taxis in Huicheng District have been installed. With the launch of the on-board led mobile media project on buses, aluminum and aluminum lithium alloys account for 65% (about 14 tons). At that time, citizens can read the wonderful news of the Provincial Games (1) regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, and learn about real-time, major domestic, foreign and local hot spots, as well as convenient information such as weather forecast and business information

avedia, as the world's leading system integrator, through continuous technological innovation and high-quality service, has provided Huizhou people with a complete led system solution, lit up every road in Huizhou, a state of benefiting the people, wonderful Provincial Games, run the Provincial Games well, be a good host and other provincial games propaganda slogans, creating a strong atmosphere to welcome the Provincial Games. Walking in the distance streets and alleys of Huizhou City, avedia has been highly praised by Huizhou citizens. At the same time, avedia has also made positive contributions to responding to the global development of low-carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction. Finally, avedia also wishes the Huizhou Provincial Games a smooth opening

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avedia, a professional developer of digital signage system integration, has long been committed to product design and development: easily controlled management software, diversified multi player product lines, integration of diverse terminal application devices, such as LED, 360 ° led, splicing wall, etc. Avedia, the most noteworthy digital signage manufacturer in 2010, will lead the industrial development and set off an application boom

digital signage, also known as digital Notice and information release system, is called digital signage in Taiwan. Foreign countries need 0.5-level precision experimental machines for scientific research and material analysis; If there is a certain technical gap between the 0.5 and 1 precision experimental machines, it is called digital signal. With the joint promotion of many manufacturers and the strong demand of the market, it will become the most shining application product in all industries in 2010

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